TC Metal Detectors
Established 1977...The oldest and largest detector dealer
in Connecticut and Western Mass . We use what we sell

TC Metal Detectors 53 Hartford Ave., Granby, CT 06035
Phone: 860-844-1218
Hours of Operation:
4:00 Till 9:00 PM Weekdays
10AM-5 PM Sat / Closed Sunday

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Fisher Industrial Detectors

Fisher The FP ID 2100
Fisher TW-8800 Multi-Frequency Line Tracer
Fisher TW-7700 Single Frequency Line Tracer
Fisher TW-6 Pipe & Cable Locator
Fisher M-66 8" Valve & Box Locator
Fisher M-97 8" Valve & Box Locator
Fisher M-97 11" Valve & Box Locator
Fisher M-101 Rebar Locator
Fisher FX-3 Ferromagnetic Locator
Fisher FP-ID2100 Magnetic Locator
Fisher XLT-30A Acoustic Leak Detector w/ Big Foot
Fisher XLT-30B Acoustic Leak Detector w/ Multi-Sensor
Fisher XLT-30C Acoustic Leak Detector w/ Little Foot
Fisher XLT-17 is a liquid leak detector
Fisher Gemini 3 Cache Locator

Garrett Security Detectors

Garrett Super Scanner Handheld Metal Detector
Garrett Tactical Hand Held Metal Detector
Garrett Enforcer G-2
Garrett SuperWand
GARRETT CSI 250 Metal Detector
Garrett Investigator CX Plus
Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Underwater

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