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Designed to Discover More Coins, Jewelry & Relics in All Terrains



Part Number: ORX28X35
ORX Metal Detector with
Round 11" X35 Coil + FX-02 Wired Headphones
MSRP $822.35
MAP $599



35 Frequencies (3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz)

For use in all terrains. Select your program and start searching for Coins, Jewelry and Relics!

Lightest Weight + Rugged

Weighing in at just 1 Pound 14 Ounces (870 grams) the ORX includes the patented XP LITE stem which has the combined advantages of an S-shaped stem and a straight telescopic stem. It enables you to deploy or fold away the device for transport in just a few seconds and to change the coil in an instant.

ORX Includes the Best Loved Features of the Popular XP DEUS

Choose from 2 Gold Program, 2 Coin Programs and 2 User Customizable Programs. Whether you are an experienced metal detector user or a beginner, the ORX is easy to use. Powerful pre-configured factory programs enable all users to get started immediately! Expert detectorists can customize the settings and select advanced options.

GO TERRAIN Smart Phone Application

This application for Apple IOS or Android smartphones is designed to optimize your ORX experience. Key features are: Geo-locate, a real time map and the ability to make an inventory of your finds. (Coming soon)

ORX Metal Detector Key Features:

  • Choose from 9" or 11" X35 DD Search Coil with 35 Frequencies (3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz)
  • 4 Factory Programs: 2 for Coins Relics and Jewelry + 2 for Gold Prospecting
  • 2 User Defined Custom Programs
  • Trusted XP fast wireless technology: Coil – Remote – Headphones – MI-6 Pinpointer (optional)
  • Optional WS Audio® compact wireless headphone receiver
  • Re-designed ultra-light Telescopic “S” stem
  • Easy to operate with a user-friendly interface
  • Wireless connectivity to the MI-6 pinpointer + advanced remote settings
  • Easy to charge with any certified USB charger or via computer (XP USB charger optional only)
  • Compatible with Elliptical 9.5” HF Coil and Round 9” HF Coil
  • Software Update (remote control via USB cable)
  • Go terrain mobile app compatible (Coming Soon)
  • World's lightest weight detector: 1 Pound 14 Ounces (870 grams)
  • Lithium Battery: Up to 20 Hour Battery Life
  • 5-year warranty - Made in France - USA Service Center

21 Frequency Search Coil Optional

The included 9.0" Round High Frequency (HF) search coil has the advantage of integrating 7 large offset stages (sub frequencies) under each main frequency, thus offering you the choice of 21 frequencies. This Coil is extremely sensitive and operates from 13kHz to 59kHz. The Main Frequencies for this coil are: 13 - 15.7kHz, 26 - 31kHz and 50 - 59kHz. The 9" round coil is the most popular high frequency coil. This coil detects deeper than the 9.5” elliptical high frequency coil in mildly mineralized soil.


Part Number: ORX22X35
ORX Metal Detector with
Round 9" X35 Coil + FX-02 Wired Headphones
MSRP $763.53
MAP $549


ORX-22X35MI6SP1 3665994003276
ORX Detector - 22.5cm X35 Coil (9"), S-TELESCOPIC Lite Stem, RC, FX02 + MI-6
RETAIL $810.59 OUR PRICE $599.00

ORX-22X35FX02E 3665994003061
ORX Detector - 22.5cm X35 Coil (9"), S-TELESCOPIC Lite Stem, RC, FX02
RETAIL $763.53 OUR PRICE $599.00

ORX-28X35FX02E 3665994003085
ORX Detector - 28cm X35 Coil (11"), S-TELESCOPIC Lite Stem, RC, FX02
RETAIL $822.35 OUR PRICE $599.00

ORX-22FX02E 3665994003047
ORX Detector - 22.5cm HF Coil (9"), S-TELESCOPIC Lite Stem, RC, FX02
RETAIL $763.53 OUR PRICE $599.00

ORX-ELLFX02E 3665994003108
ORX Detector - Elliptic 24x13cm (9.5x5") HF Coil, RC, FX02, S-TELESCOPIC Lite Stem
RETAIL $763.53 OUR PRICE $599.00

What Is Included in the Box

9" or 11" Round Waterproof X35 Search Coil
Round Coil Cover
Detailed ORX Users Manual
Ultra-light Telescopic "S" Stem
2 Sets of Coil Hardware
Single USB Upgrade Cable
USB Charging Cable
Velcro Armrest Strap
USB Charging Clip
Plastic Display Screen Protection Film
LCD Back-Lit Display Remote
FX-02 Wired Headphones

Fast Target Response Speed

The ORX is a fast and selective detector. Easily locate good targets in close proximity to junk that other detectors miss.

Patented Radio Frequency Wireless

The ORX is innovative in terms of metal detector design as it offers an unique system based on different wireless elements communicating via a digital radio link. All components - Coil, LCD Remote Display, optional wireless WS Audio Headphones and the optional MI-6 Pinpointer communicate wirelessly! No more cables to get tangled in or break.

XP MI-6 Waterproof Wireless Pinpointer Compatible

Wirelessly connect the popular MI-6 Waterproof Pinpointer to your ORX to unlock the following features on the MI-6 Pinpointer: Audio output to the ORX headset, Advanced Settings (5), Adjustable audio tone, Anti-interference system, Recover lost MI-6 pinpointer mode, Target zoom screen, 50 levels of sensitivity and extended pinpointer battery life up to 90 hours. The MI-6 is waterproof to 6 meters, 19.7 feet and includes a rechargeable battery.

ORX Metal Detector Operating Modes:

  • Gold: For low to average mineralization, good sensitivity to medium and large sized Gold
  • Fine Gold: For heavy mineralization with good sensitivity to small and medium sized Gold
  • Coin Fast: For coins jewelry and all types of targets good performance on mineralized or contaminated ground.
  • Coin Deep: For coins and all types of targets good performance on low mineralized, uncontaminated ground.
  • 2 User Defined Programs: Customizable programs.

XP ORX Metal Detector Settings:

  • 99 levels of sensitivity
  • 35 Frequencies from 3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz
  • 99 levels of discrimination
  • 5 levels of IAR (Iron Amplitude Rejection) Discrimination in
  • Gold programs
  • 20 levels of Threshold
  • 4 levels of Reactivity
  • Iron Tone with Pitch audio (ON/OFF)
  • Ground balance: manual adjustment from 60 to 90 or
  • automatic (fast grab)
  • Salt mode ground rejection: 00-25
  • 4 factory + 2 user programs
  • Target Identification with Iron probability
  • Pinpoint function with target zoom
  • Go-Terrain compatible (Coming Soon)

X35 Search Coil Standard

Fully compatible with all current XP 35 frequency search coils. The X35 search coils are available in 9” (22cm), 11” (28cm) and 13” x 11” (34/28cm) sizes. Designed around brand new electronic advances, these new high performance and versatile coils will allow you to choose from a wide range of frequencies ranging from 3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz. In total there are 35 available frequencies, based around 5 main frequencies that are quickly accessible.

WS Audio - Radio Frequency Wireless

Provides crystal clear and instant audio response, just like your radio or television!




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